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19December 2017

Emerging New Trends In Supply Chain Education

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management is an activity which manages every factor involved in a supply chain. It ensures quick delivery and usage of supply factors. This helps in the quick progress of production and logistics operations which in turn ensures timely delivery of the products and services to the customers. Supply chain management takes into consideration following activities like product development, sourcing of the material, production operations and logistics of both raw and finished goods. Those who learn to Supply chain management, need to take assistance from Supply chain management assignment help delivered by BookMyEssay.

Concepts of Supply Chain Management:

The concepts of Supply Chain Management are based on two basic ideas. These are listed as follows:

  • Every contributing company in the manufacturing or production of a finished product is a component of Supply Chain. Every product or service is a combined and cumulative effort by the said supply chain.
  • The concept of the supply chain was not understood fully by most of the companies. They only paid attention to what was going on on their premises and not the processes indirectly affecting them. This resulted in ineffective supply chains. This flaw in the supply chain has led to the establishment of Supply Chain Management departments.

 How has Supply Chain Management Education changed with Time?

Current education trends are not adequate for filling the gap of supply chain management professionals. The colleges and universities are not meeting the requirements of the industries for supply chain workforce through their regular courses. They are trying their best to pass out graduates for courses in SCM along with degrees in Logistics, Operation Management, and Industrial Engineering etc.

There is a high-end event held every year in North America. It is known as CSCMP or Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals. It is a well-managed event which undertakes various things related to supply chain like bringing together academic professionals and hiring of the workforce for supply chain, production, and operations. This type of event is the need of every country where there is a shortage of supply chain workforce. These events serve as a congregation of academics and industries where both meet and understand each other’s demands.

Recently a new concept has emerged in education. It is known as MOOC or Massive Online Open Courses. These courses are the concept of various academic and industrial giants. These design the MOOC courses in such a way so as to acquire trained workforce according to their needs and requirements. These courses are taught by leaders in academics who have ample teaching experience. The students can join these courses according to their adjusted timings (mostly joined by working students). These are low-cost courses and can be at any level of education. Supply chain management has been the most benefitted by these courses.

How can you have Supply Chain Management Assignment help in a Smart and Practical way?

Supply Chain Management Assignments are an essential part of the supply chain management course. Without appropriate assignments, you can’t achieve higher grades in your course. Doing assignments efficiently is an essential part of learning. Doing this with the help of professionals is great. Seeking professional assignment writing help services from BookMyEssay has been a trend in management students. BookMyEssay considers new and emerging trends in Supply Chain management and creates assignments according to these trends so getting Supply chain management assignment writing help from this platform could be the best deal. The education system has changed with the introduction of MOOC or Massive Online Open Courses. These are low-cost courses designed by top professors of various Universities of the world. Many students of supply chain management have benefitted from these courses in understanding the basic and advanced concepts of supply chain management at their ease.

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