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13September 2017

Social Science Assignment – Humane Factor Required

Social Science is the science of society and the human relationships developed in it. It developed as a complete discipline after the societal concept of humanity came into existence. The main branches of social science are Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Human Geography, Psychology etc. Social sciences attempt to discover some of the basic questions concerned with human society and its interaction. The social scientists use tools similar to those used in natural sciences so it is categorized as a science. But it does not rely on hypotheses or guesses as are made in natural sciences. Rather it relies on real interaction with humans in society. The researchers made in social sciences are quantitative and use tools and methodology from software like SAS and SPSS. The development of social science dates back to the era of revolutions like Industrial Revolution and French Revolution.

Why Study Social Sciences?

The main aim of studying social sciences is to find the answers to some of the basics questions facing human society such as sustaining relationships, making a living, finding a place to live, being part of a community or making one’s voice heard in the society. The social science modules try to explore how scientists use theories, hypotheses and explanations to interpret the norms and values of human life. These courses develop practical analytical skills by using evidences and data from the intellectual resources of the society. These courses are very popular among students all over the world. The courses may develop a new society in which humans are more tolerant to each other.

Social science is used to work as following:

  • It describes the world of societies by gathering data and then generating the evidences.
  • It tries to understand the world through the use of skills of interpretation, analysis and explanation.
  • It recreate social world through the processes of evaluation, intervention and challenges.

Various Disciplines of Social Science:

The main disciplines are discussed as below:

  • Economics: Economics deals with wealth. Its creation, distribution and consumption are called economics. There are two major sub fields are micro economics; dealing with the economical data of an individual and macro economics; dealing with economy of a large organization such as a country as a whole.
  • History: It is the study of the human past. What happened in the past such as events, memories, wars, popular interactions etc are all dealt with this subject. History has a number of diversified sub fields like political history, social history, military history, economic history etc.
  • Political Science: It is the study of theories and practices of government, political behavior and political activities. It has following sub fields like Political Theory, Public Law and Administration, Comparative Politics and International Politics.
  • Sociology: It is the study of human society, social institutions and social behavior of its people. It relates to the study of mainly religious customs, marriage customs, dietary habits, religious ceremonies etc.

Problems Faced by Social Science Students on Programs Offered:

The problems faced by social science students during their course study are of many types. They may not fully understand the nature of the course as the major subjects in social science have an interdisciplinary approach. These may not be taken individually in the social science assignments, so the student has to have knowledge of all these major disciplines. Some of the disciplines are related to each other but only sparsely. Their indirect relation may not be understood by the student completely. They cannot make out the connection between the two disciplines. For example, philosophy and economics both are social sciences but are not directly related to each other. Philosophy on one hand refers to study of some of the fundamental questions about God, life, nature, human beings etc whereas Economics refers to the financial activities going on among the humans. So, a student feels confused to strike a balance between these types of distantly related subjects. The teachers may not fully able to make them understand the essence of the subject. Moreover, there are tight deadlines and also a demand for high quality social science assignment.

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